Performance suspension set up and tuning from MOTOTEK

At MOTOTEK, we provide suspension set-up, optimisation, installation, servicing and refurbishment for any type of motorcycle and for any manufacturer’s suspension components. We are authorised dealers for the highest quality suspension components from Öhlins, K-tech, and Nitron. 

We supply the suspension components install, set up and tune for all types of motorcycles , road, race , MX and custom. We tailor each package to the rider's body weight and type of use. Get the most from your bikes power band with improved handling and higher suspension performance.  

Motorcycle suspension must overcome many complex engineering challenges. Of course it is there to provide you with a smooth, comfortable riding experience. But, beyond that, it also plays a vital role in the way a bike handles and how effectively it responds to braking forces. Above all else the role of suspension is to keep the tyres in contact with the road, which 99.99% of the time is a good thing! 

Most if not all newer motorcycle suspension systems provide some degree of adjustment. Some provide so much is can become difficult to find the right settings. Add complex chassis adjustments to the mix it becomes the "Black Art" most riders talk about. The ‘factory settings’ are based upon the "average" rider, but so many variables can determine how suspension responds to specific riders and riding styles that there will almost always be tangible benefits from specific, individual configuration and set-up. Like wearing a tailored suit instead of one mass produced off the shelf that doesn't fit so good. 

Even the most basic attention to achieving a custom set-up for your bike’s suspension – i.e. setting the suspension to suit you, your weight, size and riding style – will yield positive results. This is why our ‘static suspension set-up’ service, must qualify as one of the most affordable performance investments you could make for your motorcycle.We can also advise on the best tyres for your bike and riding style, assess tyre wear and condition, and adjust pressures to suit rider and machine.


Power is nothing without control

We can thank Pirelli for this  marketing tag line but it makes a lot of sense. Overall performance enhancement whether your goal is to be safer while on a public road, getting the best out of a track day session or getting to the chequered flag first, Mototek can help. The engine is only one part of the equation when it comes to making a fast motorcycle. Put simply, there’s little point in having power unless you can make best use of it. Suspension is one of the critical areas of a motorcycle’s dynamics in terms of braking, corner speed and stability. Suspension and tyre engineers in the MotoGP pit garages are there for a reason.

Upgrading suspension
Standard suspension on many motorcycles is a common area where manufacturers will make cost savings, especially so with more ‘budget’ models. Standard suspension will frequently be functionally adequate, but cannot provide the levels of refinement and feel available from top quality, precision engineered components.


Suspension components work hard over their lifetime. Performance and effectiveness degrade with higher kilometres of riding. While stock motorcycle suspension can be reconditioned  or uprated it can often be more cost-effective, and deliver a more satisfactory result, to replace tired or worn suspension, especially rear shock absorbers, with higher-spec after-market components.

If you want to get the best from your motorcycle’s handling then you should opt for the best, precision engineered, after-market components you can afford, in combination with a custom set-up to optimise them for your personal riding style. We are here to give that information to you and remove the "black art" from the equation. 

We supply a wide range of excellent replacement suspension components,front fork kits, fork springs, cartridge kits and shock absorbers to suit every type of motorcycle and every budget. We can optimise your new (and current) suspension to get the best from your bike whatever you ride. 


The frequency of a recommended service varies according to the individual schedule received with the rear shock or fork kit however the servicing schedules are detailed below and should be followed to maintain optimum operation. 

For arduous race use, the service time frames are dependent on application. Call us to discuss the required interval.  

Motorcycle General

Race Use -Every 10 - 15 hours ( We recommend @ 12 hours max)

Road - Every 20,000km / 12,00 miles (we recommend at 20,000 km/12,000 miles/2 years regardless of usage)

Trackdays - Once a year at minimum

Shock & Forks Servicing:

Here at Mototek, suspension components are serviced to the manufacturers required quality level.

The service charge includes all necessary spare parts as well as labour time.

We will provide you an accurate price once the rear shock has been stripped down, inspected and a works order completed.

A detailed and full inspection is carried out before a works order pricing is given.

At this stage you may choose to go ahead with the repairs/service work or not.

We reserve the right to charge 6600 Dinars if the works do not go ahead to cover strip down and assessment & reassembly if required. This is non negotiable. 

If no service is provided we will return the shock to you (at your own cost and/or by collection in person) in its submitted state without any new parts or gas/oil added where possible. 

Please Note: 

We do not do "partial" repairs, our work is done to completion and to exacting manufacturers standards only. 

We do not put out a "low ball estimate"  to get work in house and then give you another price later on. The price is the price. 

We do not quote based on pictures of the shock/forks.

If this is not clear, call us, we will answer your queries happily.

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