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Samco Sport Hose Clamps

Samco Sport Hose Clamps are made entirely from 304 marine grade stainless steel including the screw, making them ideal for all-weather motorcycle applications. The clamps feature fully rounded edges to give the best possible protection to silicone hoses and feature a wide band for superior clamping force (12-20mm are 9mm in width and 22mm upwards are 13mm in width) fastened with a 7mm hex head.

MOTOTEK are authorised dealers and can supply you with the full range from Samco, the very best in silicone hose. With over 700 bike-specific hose sets in a choice of 20 colors, the range is extensive. Covering road, race circuit, motocross, ATV, UTV, scooter and trials bikes, The ever expanding range has something to offer every bike enthusiast.

Samco Sport also offer the world's largest range of universal parts for custom installations of radiators, intercoolers, induction, oil breather and fuel systems. Let us know what you need and we'll try to make it happen. 

The hoses are made from the finest European silicones specifically designed for automotive use.  Meeting or exceeding the strict requirements of SAE J20. Every hose is handmade and 100% visually inspected before leaving the factory to ensure precise fitment and to maintain the very highest level of quality control.



MOTOTEK can supply and install the full IMA range, just give us a call. 


The triple clamps  sets make a considerable increase in steering precision in the trajectories of entry and exit of the curve, through the greater compactness of the material and structure more resistant.

All triples are designed to support also different diameters range from standard ones and allows to accommodate racing forks (Ohlins, WP, Marzocchi, etc). Handlebar supports are not integrated on the top triples, but instead apply separately allowing to install clip-ons. Similarly, handlebar supports are available for stock handlebar or for conical handlebar.

IMA Triple Clamps Mototek


The Thumb Brake introduced a new bike riding style that offers great advantages, first of all a better braking feeling, given by the thumb finger. Recently  this riding style became a proper trend for track enthusiasts, in fact, once learnt the correct handling of the lever, the TBS lets you control the bike even while cornering and manage the bike power once out of the curve.

Four Models of TBS 

Base - This is the less expensive version, for people who decide  to remove the rear pedal brake, installing the removed rear OEM master cylinder onto the TBS (only if the OEM master cylinder is included among the models supported by TBS, see the diagram at bottom of page).

Elite - Upgrade of TBS Base  model that provides both installation solutions, on fork and on tube bar.

Racing - For people who also want to maintain the pedal brake in addition to the thumb brake. With this option, you must move the rear OEM master cylinder to the front (installed on TBS) and install the special IMA master cylinder to the pedal. Also in this case, we offer Racing B/Racing F versions (bar/fork installing).

Complete- Same concept as the TBS-Racing, but for people who want both the IMA master cylinders from billet on the bike for thumb and foot drive (Complete B/Complete F solutions).


This product, as well as having aesthetic value, contains many technological solutions that allow them to be perfectly suitable to the driving style of the pilot:

-  Adjustable tilt (0 °, -2.5 °, -5 °, -7.5 °) for a comfortable or sporty drive

-  Interchangeability of the tube with slip clutch to limit the damage if dropped

-  Interchangeability of clamps horizontal & raised version (50mm)

-  Tubes of standard length or increased to ensure better control of the vehicle

Type:Low Adj clip ons

Material:ERGAL 7075

Forks diameters: 41 to 58

Colors: Aluminium, Titanium, Black

Bars length: Standard or XL (+15mm)

Type: Raised Adj clip ons

Material:ERGAL 7075

Forks diameters: 41 to 58

Colors: Aluminium, Titanium, Black

Bars length: Standard or XL (+15mm)

Type: Spare bars for clip ons

Material:Anticorodal 6082T6

Colors:Alu, Titanium, Black

Bars length:Std orXL(+15mm)

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