Nitron’s worldwide headquarters are based in world renowned prestigious ‘Motorsport Valley’, Oxfordshire, UK. Nitron boasts over a decade of success, celebrating prestigious race wins and lap records around the world including Isle of Man TT and Superbike wins. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK. 




Hydraulic pre-load adjuster for quick pre-load adjustment

NITRON & MOTOTEK recommend a hydraulic pre-load adjuster (HPA) for intermittent pillion use


Titanium Black spring colour also available instead of tourquise


Our most popular shock. Incredible value and out-performs other more expensive shocks on both the road and the track.

2-Way combined damping adjustment. Developed from the full race shock the R1 offers exceptional performance, reliability and value for all year round road and track use. High grade materials and the durable titanium finish protect against corrosion and significantly reduce weight. A true affordable performance upgrade.


Unbeatable performance and flexibility and a surprisingly realistic price.

2-Way independent damping adjustment. Offering real flexibility and control. Piggyback, pistol or remote reservoir allows for simple, independent adjustment control of compression and rebound damping. 

Totally dependable and fade resistant. Widely praised by riders around the world and respected for out-performing considerably more expensive shocks.


Ultimate flexibility for the discerning rider with factory setting options for more demanding track and race use.

3-Way independent damping adjustment. The R3 is intended for the most demanding riders. The piggyback, pistol or remote reservoir allows quick and simple independent adjustment of rebound and fast and slow compression damping.


The large range of adjustment and quality of feedback allows the experienced rider to fully exploit the full potential of their bike.


Unrivalled performance and flexibility from multiple Superbike Championship winning design and technology.

3-Way independent damping adjustment. By incorporating our class leading 46mm piston and ultra-strong 16mm piston rod, the NTR Race Pro shock demonstrates outstanding levels of performance, damping control and adjustment.


Piggyback, pistol or remote reservoir allows quick and simple independent adjustment of rebound and fast and slow compression damping. The fade resistance properties of the large piston and use of highest grade materials ensure that the Race Pro is a proven TT and Superbike winner.


When a standard shock just isn’t up to the task…

Specifically designed and built for Dual Sport/Adventure bikes, the ADV shocks offer exceptional year-round road and trail performance like no other shocks.

Using billet aluminium components, ADV shocks not only offer a ride/handling improvement over the standard shock but also a significant weight saving.

ADV shocks are uniquely designed with heavy-duty 16mm rods and a high-flow 46mm piston which are custom tuned and developed for the demands of both long haul road commutes through to Dakar style endurance events.


Only Nitron can offer such fade-free performance.


Reliable performance gas mono-tube for twin-shock bikes to be enjoyed on the road.

With a classic or stealth touch applied to our already world renown twin-shocks, you can have Nitron custom build you a pair of either R1 or R3 (piggyback) shocks for your period machine, TT winner or cafe racer project.

Using the latest materials and technologies ensures your bike will benefit from the ultimate in twin-shock dampers, with not only the best looking shocks available, but also ones with the highest performance in both comfort, reliability and speed.


Fully re-buildable and modifiable, these shocks can be tuned to your requirements and should last as long as your bike.

Please note these shocks are available for a standard range of twin-shock bikes or can be custom built to your individual requirements due to their modular construction.


The ultimate twin-shock damper

Nitron’s NTR technology packed into a twin-shock format represents the best package for twin-shock bikes you can buy.

Using the same materials, finishes and production techniques as the larger NTR shocks, these twin-shocks have all the features you would expect from a Nitron product.


Available for a huge range of bikes (and in custom sizes too), in either a R1 format for simplicity of use or a R3 with a huge range of adjustment for those seeking the perfect individual set-up or the winning lap time.




With a variety of options suitable for a wide range of popular chassis as well as custom builds, it’s not surprising that Nitron’s reputation in the F1 sidecar paddock has grown at such an extraordinary rate. Through the application of cross-platform technologies, Nitron engineers have been able to look at the F1 chassis in a completely new way and provide what some are hailing as ‘the next generation’ of suspension.


Nitron F2 Sidecar shocks have received an enviable level of attention from the industry professionals. After an intense 12-month development period under the supervision of lead suspension technician Mark Jefferies, Nitron F2 shocks won both TT sidecar races in their first year. Development has continued and Nitron F2 shocks are now available across a wide range of chassis with specially adapted designs for circuit and road racing.



Developed primarily to compliment and work with Nitron NTR shock upgrades, they offer the same level of improvements in rider control, performance and comfort that have become the trademark of the Nitron product.


The system features a large bore 25mm piston which provides significant improvements in performance over the OEM set up and ensures consistency during prolonged periods of use. All vital components are hard anodised with the option to specify ultra-low friction Kashima coating if desired.

Developed and tested in conjunction with some of the world’s leading race teams, independent adjustment control of rebound and compression damping is both easy to use and extremely effective.


Conventional 43mm front forks for most twin-shock bikes are now available with high/low speed compression and rebound damping plus preload spring adjustment. Using the latest Japanese coatings from Kashima Coat, these forks are ultra-low in friction for a super smooth ride.

NTF43 front forks are presented in a range of colours using various coatings and finishes. Kashima Coat and TiN (Titanium Nitride) coatings come as standard on all forks!

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